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The United States of America (USA) is definitely a vast country. It encompasses 50 states with several different time zones. Any parcel you have that will be traveling to the USA will clearly go through long distances.

Further, the USA’s economy is a mixed one. It has the world’s largest nominal GDP and the second largest by purchasing power parity. In fact, this has been the ground of the country’s economy to be developed and highly productive. One identification is the prevalent activity in the USA which is shipping parcels back and forth from the country.

Since the USA is a vast country and a highly developed one, how can you find the right shipping service that will both: SECURE your parcel and allow it to arrive at the RIGHT PLACE and TIME?

Inter Air and Sea, have been shipping parcels around the world for over 10 years now, we can assure you that we can get your parcel right to the destination on time – in any part of the USA. Shipping to USA has been made easy as we can keep your items safe irrespective of its size and shape. The services we can offer you to send your items to USA include:

  • Excess baggage solutions – for items which need to be sent home after being left at the airport or terminal due to over-carrying
  • Sending large, bulk items such as containers, cars, furniture and a multitude of bespoke goods – for industrial-sized equipment and household items which require maximum attention-to-detail.
  • Packaging and cargo preparation – for export of standard and non-standard items with great care
  • Shipping of antiques and other fragile items – for delicate items which need specific packaging solutions such as custom foaming or padded wooden crates

We also provide different methods of shipping depending upon the convenience of our customers. You can choose from Sea freight, Road freight, Air freight, and Express packages. All methods ensure that your parcel will be safely transported to the USA in perfect condition.

Shipping to USA
Shipping to Dubai from the UK

Pledge to Our Customers

Timing is very important to ensure that a country grows at a steady rate. That’s why we take the time to deliver goods not just in the right state but also at the right time. So when next you are in the US and you want to send your parcel, make sure you ship it smart, and you ship it with Inter Air and Sea. We are a trusted courier to USA that will ensure that your parcel is in good hands.

We also put your satisfaction on top of our priority by offering different services that will fit your needs. Our charges on each item are based on the size of the parcel as well as the weight, but we can also arrange a negotiable price for you with some terms and conditions, as we believe that our service can be better with negotiable prices to our customers.

Whether it may be an important document, large furniture or a fragile parcel to USA, Inter Air and Sea can take care of it with innovative solutions.

Let’s Move Your Parcel, Now!

Reach us on 0845 838 5152 or mail us at You may also directly go to our office in Clapham, London, UK. We at Inter Air and Sea understand that every shipment is important to our clients. We provide a safe and fast freight forwarding service. Just contact us and we’ll transport your parcel anywhere in the world. You surely won’t regret choosing Inter Air and Sea as your courier to USA!

Contact Us for packaging and cargo preparation, shipping of antiques and other fragile items, excess baggage solutions and containers and bulk items.

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