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Being one of the hottest tourism destinations in the Caribbean, it has become a hotspot for commercial activities that require logistical support. Inter Air and Sea now serves this island nation, delivering goods to Jamaica from the UK or from the rest of the world.

Our inclusion of this country into our already established list comes as no surprise because the potential for conducting business in Jamaica has skyrocketed. That’s why we now use our 10+ years of experience in shipping to service this corner of the globe. We ensure that the whole shipping procedure will be as smooth as can be from the moment we pick up your item till the time that it is delivered. Inter Air and Sea can handle all forms of shipping goods such as large pieces of equipment, files, documents, and even small parcels.

Our ranges of services are offered at very competitive prices and they are as follows:

  • Packaging and Cargo Preparation: We handle all the necessary packaging that your cargo needs and makes sure that it is perfectly capable of being transported.
  • Shipping of Antiques and other Fragile Items: Do you have priceless packages that are too fragile to be transported traditionally? Trust us to make sure that they get to where they need to go in the same condition that they are.
  • Excess Baggage Solutions: We understand that sometimes your baggage exceeds the allowed weight on airlines. We allow you to use our services to send that baggage directly to your doorstep.
Shipping to Jamaica
  • Handling and Shipping Bespoke Goods: From industrial-sized equipment to household goods, you can expect us to deliver your goods with maximum attention to detail.

Pick Inter Air and Sea to ship all sorts of goods. We are proud to say that our company is large enough to handle all orders and small enough to actually care about our customers.

Shipping to Dubai from the UK

Shipping to Jamaica from the UK

Based in the UK, we have especially tailored our services to provide our UK clients with a level of service of the highest order. We are quite familiar with shipping codes, laws, and licenses which is why we offer extremely competitive rates to our UK clients. We also offer them with a wide range of choices for shipping their goods. We currently send goods through the following ways:

  • Air Routes
  • Sea Routes
  • Land Routes
  • Express Shipping

Secure Shipping

The packages that we deliver go through a long journey along land, air, and sea routes. It can be stressful to think about your goods going along their long journey and whether they’ll reach their destination in perfect condition. With Inter Air and Sea you don’t have to worry about that at all because we take the utmost care when handling your goods. We always make sure that they stay in the condition that they were in because we actually care about our customers. To us, your satisfaction is what matters the most.

We can promise all of this because we have been in this business for more than 10 years. So whether you’re shipping containers to Jamaica, or just shipping packages to Jamaica, you can trust us to handle everything.

Shipping from Jamaica to the Rest of the World

Apart from shipping goods to Jamaica, we also offer our clients the option to ship from Jamaica to the rest of the world. It matters not what continent you want to ship your goods to, we can handle it.

Our Pledge

Our biggest concern when conducting operation is customer satisfaction. It matters to us how your experience is when using our service which is why we have set up a customer support center that is available 24/7. A big part of setting up a 24/7 customer support line came from our international customers. We wanted to make sure that we could serve them the same way we serve our local clientele. So you can ask us anything, anytime and we’ll be there to make sure you get your answer.

We’re based in Clapham, London in the UK and you can call us at 0845 838 5152 or you can send an email our way at We understand that every item we ship is invaluable so book our services today and you won’t be disappointed!

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