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Comprised of 30 islands and at the very center of trade routes with other Middle Eastern countries, Bahrain is a country in need of fast and reliable transportation services and logistics solutions.

Inter Air and Sea, the three major benefits of our service: hassle-free shipping to Bahrain, clear and constant communication, and innovative solutions for non-standard needs. Over 10 years of experience clearly highlight that we are experts in the industry.

We offer competitive rates for our various services such as:

  • Packaging and cargo preparation – for export of standard and non-standard items with great care
  • Shipping of antiques and other fragile items – for delicate items which needs specific packaging solutions such as custom foaming or padded wooden crates
  • Excess baggage solutions – for items which need to be sent home after being left at the airport or terminal due to over-carrying

Sending large, bulk items such as containers, cars, furniture and a multitude of bespoke goods – for industrial-sized equipment and household items which require maximum attention-to-detail

Shipping to Bahrain
Shipping to Dubai from the UK

Shipping to Bahrain

Whether it may be large furniture, an important document, or sending a parcel to Bahrain from UK, Inter Air and Sea can handle it. We are proud to say that we are a company large enough to handle, and small enough to care. Shipping to Bahrain? You can select one of the following services to transport your items.

  • Sea freight
  • Road freight
  • Air freight
  • Express packages

For detailed information on sailing dates, transportation times and documentation please email our  team at

Apart from shipping to Bahrain, we also provide logistical services going out of Bahrain. Inter Air and Sea also delivers to any point outside in Bahrain! You may be in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe, or Australia and needs to send an item to someone, we will handle it.

100% Safe Shipping

When we receive your item, consider it in safe hands. For over 10 years, Inter Air and Sea has built fool proof methods and protocols in which every item is safe, tracked, and secured.

It can be quite worrisome sending parcel to Bahrain from UK. The long journey your item takes can be met with many undesired results. We understand this dearly. From point A to point B, Inter Air and Sea guarantees everyone of our customers that your items would be secured.

Also, Inter Air and Sea has consulted experts in the logistics, maritime, and business industries to know what is the best way to deliver your item whether it be a legal document, personal photo album of your family or building materials.

Inter Air and Sea: Here to Talk 24/7

We know it. There is a major hump in your item’s delivery and the shipping company has not replied to your inquiry for hours and things keep getting delayed. Inter AIr and Sea has experienced Customer Service agents to answer your questions regarding customs clearance, shipping time, payment methods, or even just checking up where your item is currently located.

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Contact Us for packaging and cargo preparation, shipping of antiques and other fragile items, excess baggage solutions and containers and bulk items.

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We are based in Clapham, London, UK. You can Contact us at 0845 838 5152 or mail us at Inter Air and Sea understands that every item we handle is valuable to our clients, both the sender and recipient. If there is anything you need to send to anywhere in the world, please get in touch.